C4I, Call 4 investigation – May 30, on pedophilia.

Published on 25 May 2017

A regrettably very necessary topic to consider, now that Anthony roasted his Wiener! – Convicted by a secret Grand Jury: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHh_Z…

Here are the clips shown in this program:












If you can’t handle this info – jump to the end at 54 minutes for a very special close. linked here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_iAoP…

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The Most Dangerous Deal in the World. Trump is  attempting to avoid nuclear war by “solving” The Israeli–Palestinian conflict “.

The Most Dangerous Deal in the World. Trump is attempting to avoid nuclear war by “solving” The Israeli–Palestinian conflict “.

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By Staś

There are a lot of hot spots in the world where there is the potential to trigger all-out war. The DMZ in Korea. Pakistan and India. China and Japan. All of these are potential hot spots for major conflict.

None however quite compare to the war scenarios that can result from the Israeli–Palestinian conflict.

The end of the World will come from Israel.

The end of the World will come from Israel. The Cold War tension between the USSR and the United States had its moments, but remove all the layers of hypocrisy and look outside your own personal religious views and you will see that the Israeli Palestinian conflict is far more dangerous.

If you’re a person who gives any real thought to world events, you have at one time or another said to yourself. “The end of the world will come because of Israel.” The  USA…

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‘Toenemend aantal arrestaties binnen pedonetwerken…’ door Ella Ster, 5 mei 2017.

​www.ellaster.nl: ‘Toenemend aantal arrestaties binnen pedonetwerken…’ door Ella Ster, 5 mei 2017. Het tij lijkt nu echt te keren voor pedofiele netwerken en de satanische elite, zoals de beruchte Negende Cirkel sekte. Twee organisaties die als doel hebben om deze wanstaltige praktijken te stoppen kwamen de afgelopen week met opmerkelijke berichten naar buiten van een […]

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www.gelderlander.nl: ‘Europol rolt enorm kinderpornonetwerk op…’ 5 mei 2017

http://www.gelderlander.nl: ‘Europol rolt enorm kinderpornonetwerk op…’ 5 mei 2017. Bij een internationale actie is een groot kinderpornonetwerk opgerold. Zeker 870 mensen zijn opgepakt, waarvan 368 in Europa. Zeker 259 misbruikte kinderen zijn geïdentificeerd of bevrijd. De Europese politiedienst Europol heeft de resultaten van ‘Operatie Fopspeen’ vandaag naar buiten gebracht. De zaak draait om Playpen, een van […]

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Navy SEAL Confirms: Thousands of Elite Pedophiles Arrested – Media Blackout _ Mainstream media ignores elite pedophilia ring arrests

Bron: http://www.neonnettle.com/features/887-navy-seal-confirms-thousands-of-elite-pedophiles-arrested-media-blackout


By: Jay Greenberg |@NeonNettle on 1st May 2017
us navy seal confirms thousands of elite pedophiles arrested despite msm blackout
US Navy SEAL confirms thousands of elite pedophiles arrested despite MSM blackout.

As the blanket mainstream media blackout of Elite pedophile rings continues, a US Navy SEAL has gone on record to confirm thousands of high-ranking child abusers have been arrested, despite press silence on the busts.

Retired SEAL, Craig Sawyer, has vowed to tackle the pedophilia networks in Washington D.C. head on and says that Trump’s promise to take down Pedogate is being fulfilled – it’s just being covered up.

Sawyer has been working with high-level federal law enforcers and intelligence workers to conduct his own independent research, which has led him to discover that top government officials routinely torture and kill young children during satanic rituals.

He says that despite a concerted effort by social media and the mainstream to suppress this information, they cannot escape the avalanche of truth being released by the independent media.

Sawyer says it’s time for the people to wake up to and take action with a message for people everywhere: “We’ve got to do something – We, as American citizens, have to pull up our big-boy pants.”

Transcript of interview with Navy SEAL Craig Sawyer:

We started a nonprofit organization called ‘Veterans For Child Rescue’ and we are raising money to expose high-level elite pedophile rings that are snatching up our children.

Some of them are into satanic rituals and torturing little infants and toddlers to death.

I’m getting high-level information from federal law enforcement and intelligence communities. There have been over 3,000 arrests since January.

We have a President now who is not ok with children being raped and tortured to death, thank God.

With all of these arrests going on, I’ve been learning more and more about it and I’ve realized I have to go independent to get around the gatekeepers in the mainstream media who refuse to report on it.

My mission is to inform the American citizens of what they’ve been denied knowing.

I want to provide a non-permissive environment against these acts for these children and make a better environment for the children going forward. We have to do something.

I’ve assembled a task force of high-level intelligence retirees and veterans who are very capable.

So we’re going to shoot this documentary and shine a light on this cesspool of corruption and help clean it up.

Immediately after I told Alex Jones and announced our founding of the organizations.

I got phone calls from officials saying there are two groups planning to attack the organization.

I’m going to allow their attacks to illuminate what they’re doing.

Social media is suppressing my reach. Crowdfunding sites have undermined us.

But every day we are gaining more and more support from high-level officials. It’s a grassroots movement that is growing very very quickly.