Jon Rappoport 2-6-17… “Brand new elite whistleblower smashes global warming science”

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jon_rappoport_headshot_150_5This JR article goes along with a recent Kp blog post about “climate change”. As I understand, yes, there is some warming, but it’s happening to all planets.

“A highly respected, medal-winning climate scientist [John Bates] just wound up and threw a giant monkey wrench into global warming science… His target? A recent fraudulent study that claimed the uncomfortable “pause” in warming was really no pause at all. That study, pretending warming had never stopped, was timed to help negotiating nations at the Climate Summit in Paris. It was timed to help them enact draconian economic measures to reduce warming.

“…Bates reveals, that study was cooked on several counts. It was such a mess no self-respecting scientist would sign on to it. However, scientists did sign on to it. And a prestigious journal, Science, published it.

““The Mail on Sunday today reveals astonishing evidence that the organisation that is the…

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