Pizzagate, The Context – The David Icke Videocast Trailer

Published on 8 Dec 2016

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David Icke talks about #Pizzagate, The Podesta Emails. John Podesta’s ‘art’ collection, Marina Abramovic, Spiritcooking, Ted Heath, Jeffrey Epstein, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Prince Andrew, Jimmy Saville and more.

Streamed live on 6 Dec 2016

A quick overview of some of the main points of the PizzaGate scandal. Here is a link to the information used in this video.…

Note: This video serves as a live discussion between people following PizzaGate, it is not intended to be the most complete or concise breakdown of the information, but rather a real time discussion between the community to share everyone’s ideas and evidence in a live setting.The Pizza Gate theory allegedly connects numerous high ranking government officials in an ongoing ring of criminal activity and child abuse. Several investigators around the story are now mysteriously missing or killed. Evidence gathered from many sources, including Hillary Clinton’s e-mails released on Wikileaks has raised some seriously concerning questions that are being ignored or misrepresented by mainstream journalists. The mainstream media is trying to bury this story, let’s spread the word.

Published on 6 Dec 2016

In today’s video, Christopher Greene of AMTV explains Pizza Gate is a Trap.


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