FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 10-31-16… “The message for the Khazarian mafia is trick or treat surrender or die”

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benjamin_fulford_in_canoe_124Here’s the full weekly report from Ben. Excellent news, if all is as Ben describes it.

However, I do not get his view of Putin. Im sure it’s possible, with body doubles and so on, but I’ve never felt him to be “controlled”. However, Ben has more “sources” than I do, eats Japanese food, and knows how to paddle a canoe in Canada, so I’m sure he’s correct!

But hey, I’m still on vacation so maybe my mind is, too!

“It is time to get out the pitchforks and guns folks and storm the palaces of the Khazarian mafia’s top gangsters. This has been confirmed in a letter many sources confirm that Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Joseph Dunford sent to every member of the US military.

“Dunford also mentions “our deliberate and disciplined commitment to upholding the principle of civilian control of the military.” Since elections…

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