ETHER”Net Tech, Etheric Body, Chi, Plasma and the WAR ON MAN!!

Published on 18 Oct 2015

The deep, millenia old connection between salvation, soul, spirit, ether, matter and our organic world is explored here. Why for example is there a connection between HItler, the NAZIS, and the beast Alister Crowley, and on the other side of the pond suggested genealogical connection between said beast and the Bush political dynasty??

The War for Planet Earth – The “Nazi/ET Connection”…

Etheric Planes Are Now Visible…

Published on 18 Oct 2015

Black goo, dark/anti matter is wreaking havoc on organic man. CERN is opening the gates of hell to bring in from beyond the veil all that we have been kept from experiencing as is the Father’s will. All the same, this 85% of existing matter has been around us -unseen throughout.. and those (the owls and spiders for example) that have been shown this “knowledge” have had it in play for eons.. enslaving organic man therein.

Published on 18 Oct 2015

If you are a child of the Living Father, and care about your salvation, this is the war; an attack on all that is organic by digital programmable matter, black, goo archonic infection.. that which has been kept beyond the veil and is now being brought forward to attempt to corrupt, destroy the Race of Man before the return of the father.

Raise your Shield.. the Power of The Living father!!


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