FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 8-4-15… “Khazarian terror plots thwarted, rumours of August 8th arrests run rampant”

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benjamin_fulford_ottowa_senators_shirt_86This weekly Ben has more fascinating news. I’ve added a few highlights, from my view.

“The sudden appearance of possible “evidence” of Malaysian airlines flight 370 comes as fewer and fewer dupes around the world believe the official story that flight 370 ,which “vanished” in the Pacific Ocean and flight 17, which was shot down over the Ukraine, were separate airplanes.

“The WDS will do all in its power to ensure the trial of the Tokyo Electric Power executives leads to criminal charges being filed against more senior criminals like Benyamin Netanyahu, Tony Blair, J. Rockefeller and George Bush Jr.

“There was also a big intelligence dump made against the British Royal family and other European Royal families last week by the Alquin and Flutterby site (believed to be linked to British Intelligence)… The intelligence dump also contains what is purported to be a copy of an original memo ordering…

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