No Despair if Aligned With the Power of the Universe – Vandana Shiva


How can I help? (read more)

How can I find screenings in my area? (read more)

How can I schedule an interview with Foster and/or Kimberly? Who do I contact? (read more)

How do I get a Screening Kit? (read more)

How can I get promotional materials for my screening? (read more)

How is Foster related to Procter and Gamble? (read more)

What’s the meaning behind the Thrive poster? Is it some kind of Illuminati symbolism? (read more)

What is your position on money and cashless societies? (read more)

I am having a problem on the website. Who do I contact? (read more)

I am having trouble renting/streaming/watching the movie. How can I get help? (read more)

I have a question about an existing order or placing a new order in your online store. Who can I contact? (read more)

Do you offer discounts for buying multiple DVDs? (read more)

I want to host a screening. Do you charge a fee and how can I get my screening published on the site? (read more)


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