The Empire of the City – The Unholy Trinity that Rules the World

3cityobliskYes, The Vatican is “The City” of The Empire Of The City, you could just as well say, “The Empire of the Vatican.” Thru this tripartite union she fulfills every criterion of the Revelation to qualify as Mystery Babylon. You will also notice that “city” is singular in all instances, this is more an indication of proof with the contemporary use in the description: The Empire Of The City. Therefore we have three locations, if not the entire world, to fulfill all of the grandeur, evil and catastrophe applied to the city, Mystery Babylon: Little explanation is necessary when the required criteria are applied to the tripartite administrated New World Social-Economic Order of the Woman that rides the Beast. It would be impossible to apply all of these points to any one particular nation, even America.

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2 thoughts on “The Empire of the City – The Unholy Trinity that Rules the World

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    Published on 18 Jun 2014
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