The Ugly Truth


ED NOTE, Sabba–When Jesus comes back, will He recognize the US military as His army fighting to preserve His message and legacy?

In fact, when Jesus does come back, who will he recognize as ‘his followers’?

Will he recognize Todd Starnes as one of his own? Will he recognize pastor Terry Jones as one of his lieutenant?

Will he recognize the Christian zionists /Evangelical  Christians as his foot-soldiers? Or will he recognize the Synagogue of satan as his heir? Unless it is the Naturei Karta clowns?

Are the ‘godless Muslims’ really the enemy of Christ and His holy teaching? How distant are Muslims from the Teachings of the Messiah?

Let us have a quick look!

Jesus instructed his disciples to greet with “Peace be upon you” – the way Muslims do.

Jesus used to pray with his knees and head on the ground  – the way Muslims do.

Jesus used to perform ablutions before…

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