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ED NOTE, Sabba–When Jesus comes back, will He recognize the US military as His army fighting to preserve His message and legacy?

In fact, when Jesus does come back, who will he recognize as ‘his followers’?

Will he recognize Todd Starnes as one of his own? Will he recognize pastor Terry Jones as one of his lieutenant?

Will he recognize the Christian zionists /Evangelical  Christians as his foot-soldiers? Or will he recognize the Synagogue of satan as his heir? Unless it is the Naturei Karta clowns?

Are the ‘godless Muslims’ really the enemy of Christ and His holy teaching? How distant are Muslims from the Teachings of the Messiah?

Let us have a quick look!

Jesus instructed his disciples to greet with “Peace be upon you” – the way Muslims do.

Jesus used to pray with his knees and head on the ground  – the way Muslims do.

Jesus used to perform ablutions before…

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Kevin Annett’s response to Alfred’s accusations in a cool radio interview

OXO Axioma

OXO Flash – 30 12 14 – by Heine Wind

Assuming you know in which two videos Alfred Labremont Webre makes severe accusations towards Kevin Annett, in which Alfred also describes the way he himself suddenly flipped after ten years of cooperation and mutual support, this is the immediate response of Kevin in a beautiful radio-interview with Alexandra of Galactic Connection.


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VN-rapport: Israël werkt samen met gewapende groepen in Syrië… maar met wie?

Mediawerkgroep Syrië


SHEKER KHAN – 21 december 2014 – Een onlangs verschenen rapport van de Verenigde Naties bevestigde geluiden over samenwerkingen tussen Israël en gewapende groepen in de Syrische oppositie. Echter, wat het rapport in het midden laat, is wie die groepen zijn. Zijn het lokale milities, de zogeheten gematigde oppositie of de aan al-Qaida gelieerde doodseskaders?

Naar Damascus met al-Qaida
Het VN-rapport sprak over betrekkingen tussen Israël en gewapende groepen in de Golanhoogten. Dit is een deelgebied van de zuidwestelijke provincie Quneitra. Israël houdt de Golanhoogten bezet sinds de Zesdaagse Oorlog van 1967. Nadat de Jom Kipoeroorlog van 1973 tot een wapenstilstand kwam, werd er een VN vredesoperatie opgericht – de UNDOF – om de veiligheid te waarborgen.

De UNDOF is op verschillende locaties langs de grens gestationeerd, en nam het volgende waar: “Armed members of the opposition interacting with IDF [Israel Defence Forces] across the ceasefire line in the vicinity of United…

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The Proclamation establishing Kanata

Canada is Proclaimed a Sovereign Republic:
Crown authority is nullified, Common Law established as supreme authority

The Proclamation establishing Kanata

Winnipeg: January 14-15, 2015

After nearly two years of preparation, a new nation emerged today as the Republic of Kanata was publicly proclaimed in dozens of Canadian communities.

From Amherst, Nova Scotia to Port Alberni on Canada’s west coast, Republican organizers are occupying town halls and court houses to proclaim Kanata.

A Proclamation of Independence and three accompanying Acts are being read that have nullified ties with the British crown, established the Republic, and created a High Court of Justice to enact common law courts across Kanata.

“The corporation called Canada is null and void. As of today, the only lawful authority here is the Republic and its common law” said a representative of the Provisional Council for the Republic in Winnipeg this morning.

Nearly one thousand citizens of the new Republic are now actively establishing common law courts in every region and preparing delegations to the first General Congress of the new nation, to be held in Winnipeg from June 30 – July 3, 2015.

For information : http://www.republicofkanata.com , republicofkanata@gmail.com


Published on 10 Jan 2015

Earlier this week a headline appeared on a YouTube video: Dragon Family Final Ultimatum to the Illuminati Cabal & the Pope Surrender or Die! Was there really a “final” ultimatum? Did the Ambassador make a death threat? These are only two of the misconceptions cleared up in this conversation between the Dragon Family Ambassador and Ron. Listen in as they discuss perceptions that people have about what is going on in the world in regard to the transition from 666 to 555. What is the real threat faced by humanity? What role does the media play in this? What is a real jihad? These questions and more are dealt with in this frank conversation.

Cobra Update 1-1-15… “Opening of the Box”

Kauilapele's Blog

portal2012_logo_vertical101Opening of the Box

I have been contacted by a certain benefactor who is willing to donate considerable funds to sponsor projects that are supporting the Lightworkers and Light forces as we are approaching the planetary liberation. This charitable account is an ongoing fund to provide humanitarian aid and financial support where the need is the greatest.

Funds can be given ONLY to 501 (c) (3) organizations, registered within the US, preferably to a specific charitable or scientific project.

These funds are NOT part of the collateral accounts, are NOT part of the Reset process and may or may not be connected with the Dragon sources.

If you own a 501 (c) (3) organization and have projects that need funding, you can send an email with a clear and concise description of your project (1000 words maximum) to cobraresistance@gmail.com. All email requests for donations from non-501 (c) (3) sources…

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