Eric Garner killed by police who were enforcing NWO policies

Eric Garner killed by police who were enforcing NWO policies

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In the last twelve months there have been numerous reports of police brutality, and unlawful treatment of individuals by police. I have not commented on most of them, as I don’t know exactly what happened nor did I have access to all the evidence.

However I recently had an opportunity to view the mobile phone recorded video footage, of police officers killing New York resident, Eric Garner for doing absolutely nothing wrong. According to witnesses Eric had broken up a fight between two individuals, as he was known by many as a peacemaker. “He has been described by his friends as a “neighborhood peacemaker” and as a generous, congenial person.” (Wikipedia) Later on, Eric was approached by over zealous police officers who began harassing him, and Eric was trying to explain to them, that he had done nothing wrong and there had been no breach of the peace. As the…

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Alexandra Meadors 12-16-14… “Breaking Interview With Kevin Annett Covering Internet Black Ops and Alfred Weber”

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kevin_annett_alfred_weberThis, I feel, is an important conversation by Alexandra and Kevin. for this moment, regarding the intensity of not only the incoming Cosmic Energies, but also the intensity of disruption energies. Energies of opposition (aka, contrast). Perhaps this is to be expected with all of the independence, sovereignty, common law movements going around all over the planet.

If you watch today’s False Flag Weekly News, you get some idea of all of the “created for a purpose” events going on all around to attempt to distract us from what we are doing for the Light, and why we are here.

I upgraded Alexandra’s audio a bit and leave it as audio player below.


Breaking Interview With Kevin Annett Covering Internet Black Ops and Alfred Weber 12-16-14

Another on-the-fly interview with Kevin Annett reviewing the mysterious and sudden change in Alfred Weber’s desire to interview him.  Let’s send love…

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FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 12-16-14… “Torture report paves way for arrest of top Nazionists”

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benjamin_fulford_ottowa_senators_shirt_15[Kp note: reminder to explore David Wilcock’s comments on this article (highlights here)]

“The 500 page report of Bush era torture issued by the US Senate marks a major turning point in US power… the fact that it was issued by the US Senate Intelligence Committee and the fact that it was widely reported on in the corporate propaganda media is very important… it shows that Nazi faction of the cabal no longer controls the corporate media…

“…Bush Jr. and Tony Blair each went for private audiences with pope malevolent (Benedict XVI) after they left office… They were showing the world they had a powerful protector and were beyond prosecution. Well, the new Pope Francis and the P2 have taken away their immunity and that is why war crimes trials are now possible… The UN, UK government officials, the Chinese and many others are clamoring for this right now.

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Benjamin Fulford 12-2-14… “Over 20 national governments to be overthrown as cabal take-down begins, CIA sources say”

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benjamin_fulford_ottowa_senators_shirt_10If this is correct, all I can say is, “Wow!“. And, “It’s about time!!


Over 20 national governments to be overthrown as cabal take-down begins, CIA sources say
Posted by benjamin, December 2, 2014

The Satanic Nazionist cabal that seized power in the West is about to be taken down and the result will be the toppling of over 20 governments, including those at of the United States, Japan and the UK, CIA, Pentagon and MI6 sources say. Many CIA and Pentagon officers have gone into bunkers in preparation for battle with the cabal mercenary armies, the CIA and Pentagon sources say. The firing of US Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel last week was the trigger event, the sources say. The fact the two main cabal candidates to replace him refused the job, indicates something is definitely going on at high levels of the military…

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