Bush family Nazi connections, and the Black Pope!


Monday, October 4, 2010

Source: http://bushnaziconnections.blogspot.nl/

photo 407cb9a6-990a-4faf-8a9e-fc1fd894f660_zpsa6654c71.jpg

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Nothing can compare to the secret history of the Bush Family’s last Four Generations of mass murder and War-Profiteering. Schuyler Ebberts said: “No dictator or tyrant can equal the suffering and destruction that the Bush Family has brought upon the World, as they are not mere tyrants themselves, but the financial makers and breakers of the Dictators and tyrants, the organizers and profiteers of war and death.” They are not acting alone; they work directly for all their elite Banking Family friends, and are among the persons mainly responsible for creating the shadow government, the CIA and the OSS, and the present day military industrial complex. Since 1915 the Bush family has been directly involved in World War One and…

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